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Brazilian Keratin – Starting at $190

Our product is Brazilian Keratin. That’s the brand name, not Brazilian blowout, which has more chemicals and less result. Brazilian keratin has the lowest amount of formaldehyde that still straightens 0.02%, while the blowout uses aldehyde, a derivative of formaldehyde, in a higher concentration. What it does is reduce your home maintenance, gets rid of frizz, loosens curls, cuts drying time in half gives a lot of shine and silkiness to the hair, and seals the ends to stop breakage.

Balayage Starting at $180

Balayage is a French technique of lightening the hair with less maintenance. It lightens a few pieces of the hair near the ends of the hair and close to the face, giving the natural sun-kissed look. It blends perfectly from roots to end, with the roots darker than the ends, with a seamless transition of colors. It is different than the ombré because the Balayage does not lighten all of the ends, just a few pieces, making it look more natural without as much color difference from the roots to the ends. It can be done in any shade or color.

Keratin Shot Treatment-Starting at $120

We use Salerm Keratin Shot. It does not straighten or reduce frizz, this treatment is for the integrity of the hair, meaning the health of the strands. It hydrates deeply, lasting up to 1 month, making the hair shinny and very soft to the touch.


Service List

Hair Services

Olaplex Treatment- Starting at $50

Ombre-Starting at $180

Hair Cut-Starting at $25

Blow Dry- Starting at $45

Single Process Color-Starting at $110

Partial highlights-Starting at $160

Full highlights-Starting at $200

Color correction-Starting at $240

Toner-Starting at $70

Relaxer-Starting at $85

Root color-Starting at $80

Keratin Roots-Starting at $140               

*First two inches

Bang Trim-Starting at $10

Pastel Colors/Hair Art-Starting at $190

*Some pastels take up to 6 hours. Perfection takes time!

Olaplex Added to bleach- Starting at $30

Undercut – Starting at $40

Color Rinse – 5 minutes $10

Consultation- 5 minutes Free

Flat Ironing – 20 minutes starting at $10

Wash & Cut – 30 minutes Starting at $35