SHARE THE LOVE – Nominate someone for a makeover!!

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SHARE THE LOVE – Nominate someone for a makeover!!

Hey, guys!

We have an exciting announcement to make, we are giving away a full makeover, that means balayage, haircut, and makeup BUT! We need your help to find that person.

You will nominate someone that is dear and close to your heart, that really deserves a break. We are looking for someone that always puts other people before them, or maybe someone that just had a major life change, what matters is that person really deserves something special, and we are super excited to give that experience to them.



Must be over 18 years old, female, living in Massachusetts. Giveaway includes: Balayage, haircut, and makeup.

We will schedule the day with you, and the whole process will be recorded. We will share your story and transformation in a video.

Please answer these and submit your form, make sure the info is correct, we will get in touch with you by… if selected. Good luck!!

Please submit the following info to our e-mail

– Your Name.

– Name of the person you are nominating.

– Your age and their age.

– Why you are nominating them.

– Photo of the person you a nominating.

E-mail these to


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